Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tweaks and additions to Fiat Lux

Dearest Readers,

I've added a few tweaks to Fiat Lux while trying to keep it simple. If you scroll down, the left column contains various portkeys that will take you to other places. Click on the images, see where you go (kind of like Harry Potter when he apparates somewhere else).  Toward the bottom of the left column are two portkeys that apparates you to blogs connected to Fiat Lux: the class on the Book of Common Prayer and to a collection of the poems and prayers that pop up here from time to time. Those blogs have portkeys that will bring you back here.

I've added a "blogroll" of blogs I am following. Not all are church related. Thanks to a number of you, I've added to the "Bloggin' Bishops" list. A bunch of bishops are blogging today from their meeting in Kanuga, NC. And, I cannot help but mention, the only diocesan bishop east of the Mississippi River who is blogging is Gene Robinson. The Brits and the Westerners have the eastern bishops beat by miles on this.


santospopsicles said...

Ah, liked your observation about the absence (other than Bishop Robinson) of Eastern Blogging Bishops!

There were some bishops (from RI, VT, ME, NWPA...and others) who blogged from Lambeth, but haven't yet taken up the mantle..

I wonder if we'll see any bloggers from the East after this House of Bishops meeting?



PJ said...

Thank you for the blogroll, it's like one-stop shopping. And your Monday Funnies are very funny.