Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Having an impact: Come next Monday evening

Next Monday May 30 congregations from many faith communities in Charlottesville will gather at "U Hall," the old arena off Emmett Road. The gathering is the annual "Nehemiah Action" organized by IMPACT. 

All those words boil down to this: A group of dedicated faithful people will present a series of proposals on creating more affordable housing in our region, and ask the public officials who are present for their commitment to making life better for the poorest among us. The photo on this page is by Dan Tarjan, from the Cavalier Daily, illustrating some of the rental housing that is available in Charlottesville.

If you live in the Charlottesville area, please come. Here from John Frazee, who leads our IMPACT effort at St. Paul's, is a Q&A about next Monday:
Frequently Asked Questions about the Nehemiah Action:

Any change to the issue updates?

Not really - but the issues are outlined at the IMPACT blog (click HERE), and there has been a minor change in affordable housing -- the regional housing fund is no longer on the table.

Are we meeting beforehand? Carpooling? Walking?

All of the above. We'll have some light food and drink at the church at 5pm. Those who wish to walk can do so, and there is a group from Canterbury heading out at 5:45pm. The rest can carpool over to U Hall, and will probably leave Church around 5:45 as well. (Let me know if you're interested in meeting at St. Paul's -- I'd like to get a headcount for food.)


The parking is primarily at U Hall. I believe there will be spaces available at the John Paul Jones arena across the street. All entrances will be locked expect the North Entrance, which faces the JPJ. You can drop off outside the entrance and then find parking, if necessary. Just follow the human traffic or look for IMPACT’s outside ushers, wearing yellow shirts, who will be placed at and around the entrance.

Do I need a ticket to get into the Action?

No. Many people will not have tickets when they arrive (either because they did not receive one, lost theirs, or are not members of IMPACT congregations). If you do have a ticket you can ignore the sign-in tables and head straight down the hall and give your ticket to an Usher on the way down the stairwell.

So what happens if I don’t have a ticket?

COME TO THE ACTION!!! Beyond that the rest is easy: Just follow the crowd towards the North Entrance to U-Hall where Ushers will direct you to sign-in tables located along the sides of the hallway. At the tables, leaders from our congregations will be sitting with a pen and ticket. Just write your name, congregation (if applicable) and who invited you -- being sure to fill out 1 ticket for each person in your party. With tickets in hand just head down the hall.

If I don't have a ticket, do I have to sign-in with my congregation?

Nope. Just go straight to the sign-in tables as you enter the North Entrance where a leader from one of our congregations will make sure you have a pen and paper to fill out.

Once I sign-in where do I go?

Once you have filled out tickets at our sign-in tables just head down the hall where you will find stairwell entrances to either side, manned by ushers who will have buckets you can place your ticket(s) in. Than head downstairs, where Ushers will be handing out agendas as you head through the ground floor entrance to the gymnasium.

What about those who are unable to walk up and down stairs?

Instead of heading down one of the stairwells, just keep heading straight ahead where a separate table will be set up where ushers can collect your ticket, give you an agenda and direct you to the 2nd level entrance where seats for those with walking disabilities can seat.

Will childcare be provided?

Childcare will be provided. However, the rooms we used last year are unavailable and we are currently exploring two options both of which are still in U-Hall and located very close to the ground floor entrance…We will let everyone know exactly where before Monday, but rest assured there will be more than enough trained staff available to those with young children ages 4-12

What happens if I arrive late?

COME ON IN! Just go straight down the hall to the table located in front of the entrance to the 2nd level, sign-in grab an agenda and if you have any questions just look for our floor team who will be stationed on each level wearing yellow shirts.

What about the St. Paul's IMPACT blog?

OK, so that's not frequently asked. But it's HERE

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John said...

Thanks for spreading the word! Each person there will make the event that much more powerful, more energizing, and more meaningful.