Thursday, March 5, 2009

Baby J enters the world

Many of who regularly read this blog are familiar with our friend Karen from Tennessee. She contributes most of the poetry that I use on this site. We met Karen and her husband, Jim, many years ago while hiking in France, but that's another story for another day. Anyway, Karen had her baby last week -- James. I like the name! Congratulations to Karen. Here is a poem she sent yesterday -- I hope all the moms like it.

by David Ignatow

You wept in your mother's arms
and I knew that from then on
I was to forget myself.

Listening to your sobs,
I was resolved against my will
to do well by us
and so I said, without thinking,
in great panic, To do wrong
in one's own judgment,
though others thrive by it,
is the right road to blessedness.
Not to submit to error
is in itself wrong
and pride.

Standing beside you,
I took an oath
to make your life simpler
by complicating mine
and what I always thought
would happen did:
I was lifted up in joy.

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