Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The treasures of the Book of Common Prayer: A special Lenten course at St. Paul's and on-line

Today I am launching a Lenten course on the Book of Common Prayer, its history and its treasurers.  Join me every Lenten Wednesday at noon or at 7 pm as we explore the Book of Common Prayer. Did you know that the book is more than a Sunday worship book? Our prayerbook holds treasures for living every day of the week and every time of the day. And embedded in the book is the foundation for a church with a broad range of theological beliefs and practices. The book is an amazing resource for living.

I have also set up a special blog for this course. On it I will post all of class notes and handouts, and you can continue our class conversation on the blog. And those from afar can participate via the blog. The address for the blog is:

You can also access the blog by clicking BCP and when you return to Fiat Lux, you can find on the left side of this blog  a trapdoor to the class blog. All you need do is click the image of the prayerbook that looks like the one on this posting and you will find our class blog.

Hope to see you later today or on the class blog!

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea to post the course as a blog.... You are GREAT!