Saturday, July 26, 2008

Packing and tossing, Shakespeare in the park

Today we shall give you a break from Lambeth, though if you want to catch up on the latest go to Episcopal Cafe; the news today includes the British government granting asylum to David MacIyalla, the Nigerian who has advocated for gay people in Africa (we had the pleasure of meeting him when he visited Sacramento last year).

As for Lori and Jim, we are in the throes of tossing stuff (the recycling can will be bulging again this week). Painters and paperhangers come this week to make over our bedroom and dining room, so our house is in total chaos as we move furniture from room to room. We will be living in our home office this week. One last party at our house is not likely, though we have brunches and dinners booked solid through the week. We took a picnic dinner with our neighbors, Greg and Ellie, to the Shakespeare Festival, performed under the stars in our own Land Park last night and saw "Twelfth Night" done in a colorful Cuban motif.  It worked muy bueno.

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