Monday, July 21, 2008

Enough to go around if none will be greedy

I am very moved reading the sermon given by the Rt. Rev. Duleep de Chickera, of the Diocese of Colombo (Sri Lanka), yesterday at Canterbury Cathedral at the Sunday Eucharist for the Anglican bishops convened in the once-a-decade Lambeth conference. You can read the full text and hear his sermon by clicking here: Canterbury sermon. A few words to remember: 

"As I look around and see you, I see this wonderful unity in diversity. Shortly, when the sacrament is administered, lips from numerous countries, numerous nationalities, numerous cultures will touch the same cup. We are united in spite of the fact that we are different, because in Christ we are equal. There's enough to go around if none will be greedy.

Here my dear sisters and brothers is an insight of what the Church is called to be: an inclusive communion, where there is space equally for everyone and anyone, regardless of colour, gender, ability, sexual orientation. Unity in diversity is a cherished Anglican tradition – a spirituality if you like, which we must reinforce in all humility for the sake of Christ and Christ's Gospel."

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