Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My day with Bishop Robinson

On Tuesday, Bishop V. Gene Robinson of New Hampshire came to Sacramento for the first time. I played official host to Bishop Robinson in the California State Senate as he met with legislative leaders for about an hour. It was a remarkable conversation about the intersection of religion and public life, ranging far beyond the hot-button issues that have so enveloped our church. Later, he preached to about 400 people at the noon Eucharist at Trinity Cathedral, my home parish, with our own Bishop Barry Beisner presiding. Much of what Bishop Robinson had to say was memorable, but this in particular about God's Kingdom: "We are NOT called to be on the Selection Committee. We are called to be on the Welcome Committee."

This I must say about Bishop Robinson: I found him to be kind, gentle, warm, funny and able to articulate a faith in Jesus that is passionate and clear. I wish those who demonize him would have the chance to meet him. He talked of the death threats he regularly receives, and how he expects to see in Heaven those who hate him. His centeredness was simply remarkable.

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