Monday, July 28, 2008

Farewells this week

We went to Trinity Cathedral Sunday to say farewell. Trinity has been our spiritual home for 20 years. Many of our dearest friends are there. We've worshipped at Trinity, served on more ministry teams than we can count, and I was ordained there. Last night a group of Trinity folks had dinner party for us and that was delightful. And a group of Trinity folks told us they are giving money in our name to the Charlottesville SPCA because it has a "no kill" policy. We have more farewell dinners this week. And more stuff to throw out. Onward we go. Anyone want a 1970s vintage stereo cabinet? It's on the street, free for the taking.

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Pam said...

Oh Jim, so many good byes. I hope our helloes help ease the pain of separation. We are so ready to begin this journey with you and Lori. No thanks to the stereo cabinet but your purging of possessions is inspiring...maybe the impetus can spread to our basement.

Safe travels. Our arms, hearts and hopefully our minds are open and ready.