Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lambeth uneasiness: Go to Whitstable

By all reports, Lambeth is getting more difficult for the bishops.

The bishops and their spouses were moved by a presentation on domestic violence against women, a subject that was pointedly pushed off the table at the Lambeth conference ten years ago. At this Lambeth, the topic is being given full play. Most difficult for the bishops was the realization that in some parts of the world, Anglican bishops are not only complicit in violence against women but are participants. You can read the report on Episcopal Cafe

Meanwhile, the Windsor Continuation Group issued recommendations on how to make the Anglican Communion more unified. The recommendations are lengthy, and many of the American bishops are wary.  Neff Powell, the bishop of Southwest Virginia, said the bishops are "uneasy" at the week ahead with the difficult issues confronting them.

Finally, my good friend, Greg Rickel, bishop of Olympia (you will hear more about him when we get to C'ville), took Sunday off and took the train to Whitstable over on the Kent coast. He posted photos of the fishing village and his observations about his day trip including this gem: 

They happened to be having their annual Oyster Festival this weekend. So, I took part in these festivities and, on beautiful day, hung out with normal, everyday people. I didn't have to have an ID badge and there was not "the next thing to get to." 

Whitstable is one of our favorite places on the planet, so I've posted a photo above of Lori next to a fishing dory in Whitstable from our trip there in '03 (we rode bikes there).

Have a great Tuesday, dear readers. Today I will be back packing, tossing, and moving stuff into neighborhood attics. And another farewell dinner tonight.


Anonymous said...

Just a polite correction - we are on the Kent coast, the Cornish coast is a few hundred miles away! But we appreciate your kind words.

- A Whitstable resident

The Rev. James Richardson said...

Thanks kind reader! I fixed it. Sorry for my gaff. We do love Whitstable and look forward to coming back. The bike trail markers are amazing, by the way.