Friday, October 23, 2009

This Sunday we will ring the bell once more to sound the alarm on global warming

This Sunday, at about 11:15 a.m., the bell at St. Paul's Memorial Church will be rung 350 times in a worldwide effort to bring attention to the peril of climate change and prompt action by the world’s leaders. This is our second year in joining others by ringing our bell to sound the alarm on global warming.

Members of the parish will also be walking the “Stations of the Earth,” a graphic display inside the church focused on the perils of climate change. I hope you can join us either here or by ringing the bell at your church.

The Green Team at St. Paul's will be joining other faith communities across the nation in a campaign to ring their church bells 350 times to spread the call to action, in conjunction with founded by environmentalist and author Bill McKibben.

This event is especially timed to coincide with the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark this December in which world leaders from more than 200 nations will gather to negotiate a new treaty on reducing global CO2 emissions.

The bell at St. Paul's Memorial Church was installed in 1957 and has been rung every Sunday morning since to call the faithful to worship – and has also been rung to celebrate joyful occasions such as weddings or to signal attention during times of national crisis such as 9/11.

While ringing the bell, parishioners will be encouraged to write Congressional representatives and the White House to urge support for reductions that will meet the target goal for 350 ppm carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

St. Paul's is a member of Virginia Interfaith Power & Light, a non-profit initiative working for a more just, sustainable and healthier creation by reducing global warming. It is a part of a network of Interfaith Power and Light programs across the country and offers concrete opportunities for congregations and individuals to protect the planet.

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