Friday, October 9, 2009

Our youth group brings love and pies

Our youth group last Sunday baked apple pies and delivered them to places and people who needed the cheer of a pie. Janet Legro, our youth director and associate rector, sent along this email this morning to the youth group and I share it with you...
These are the words I hear from so many people for the apple pies you made and shared last Sunday. Here is a review of where your baking work went:

11 Apple Pies were shared with the people of Midway Manor on Sunday night (while we also enjoyed music from Joy's CHS Quartet - thanks Joy!)

5 Pies were saved a Midway Manor for the Wednesday Bible Study led by Mary Lee Webb from St. Paul's.

6 Pies were delivered to people who have been sick at St. Paul's (see a thank you note below)

One hug apple crisp was shared with the Wednesday Community Night.

Thank you all for your hard work and sharing. It might not seem like a big thing at first - but your pies were an important expression of God's love to many people. Here is a thank you note from one parishioner:

Dear Members of the St. Paul's Youth Group:

What a lovely surprise it was to receive the apple pie -- a real gift of love. You are terrific bakers! The pie is really delicious. And this surprise was a great cheer-up gift for my husband David and me. David has not been able to walk since July 17, when tendons in both his knees ruptured; you should see the huge casts he has on both his legs (soon to come off, we hope). Acts of kindness such as yours are helping us keep our spirits up.

Thank you so much for your care for your fellow St. Paul's parishioners, for using your time and your skill to help others. Your gift will be long remembered.

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Pam said...

Janet and Jim, this is great! Thanks for sharing the news and positive comments. Just knowing about it helps me feel a part of it even though I was unable to attend Wednesday's dinner. Thank you.