Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pam Lamb's inner light

Soon after arriving at St. Paul's a little more than a year ago, I made the acquaintance of Pamela Lamb, a young woman who has overcome many disabilities, and whose inner light shines very bright. She comes to church every Sunday she is able, sits in the front pew in front of the pulpit, and smiles.

Pam has been quite ill recently, and so the St. Paul's community took the occasion last night to give her a party at our community night.

We served her favorite food -- pizza and spaghetti -- and Rector Emeritus David Poist brought a big cake for her, adorned with a single candle symbolizing the light she gives to all of us.

Pam was able to come, and she thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

At her suggestion, we took donations for the American Cancer Society, and
we raised more than $1,000 in her honor last night.

Thanks to one and all, and especially to Pam for this great evening. Here's a few photos taken by Lori.

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Janice Dean said...

Happy Birthday, Pam! I'm sorry that I missed the celebration; it sounds like it was great.