Friday, March 18, 2011

Wearing a hijab this Lent

One of our former parishioners has decided she would wear a hijab -- a head scarf -- as a response to the Congressional hearing into Muslim influence in our country, and is writing about her experience. She's had some interesting responses, to say the least, and so she is writing a blog about it, which you can read by clicking HERE.

That may sound odd to wear a Muslim scarf as a Lenten devotion, but by doing so she is walking the path of a marginalized group of people and experiencing the prejudice they experience. I find that Christ-like. And perhaps all of us might learn something about ourselves from her experience this Lent.


Maggie said...

Hi, I came across your post because I am considering a similar lenten practice (it's only October, I know, but I'm researching early) and the blog you linked to is no longer available. Did she post it somewhere else, or might she be able to send me her observations? I'd be very interested!
-Maggie Parker

The Rev. James Richardson said...

I moderate all comments, so it did post until this morning. The writer of this has removed her blog and it is no longer available.
-- Jim