Monday, March 14, 2011

The Monday Funnies

It is Lent again, that time for confession and a renewed commitment to our spiritual life. It is also tax time. Why is it the two go together? Here's some seriously bad seasonal jokes to start your week and a Pearls Before Swine cartoon to usher in Lent. Enjoy the Monday Funnies . . .

* * * 
I was having this argument with my tax lawyer. He said, that no matter how heavily I contribute to the church I can't deduct the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as dependents. 
* * * 
The story is told of the preacher who responded to a panhandler by telling him to go to the Bible, close his eyes, open it, put his finger on the page, look at the text under his finger, and do exactly what it says.

About a year later the preacher saw the same panhandler emerging from a limousine, wearing a 3-piece suit, and smoking a cigar.

The preacher said, "look what has happened to you -- how did it come about?"

The panhandler said, "preacher, I did what you told me to do. I took a Bible and with my eyes closed put my finger on a page and then did exactly what the Good Book told me to do."

Preacher: "And what did it say?"

Panhandler: "It said, Chapter 11"

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