Thursday, March 10, 2011

Invited to a Holy Lent

Our Ash Wednesday services yesterday were smaller than the previous year, probably because it is Spring Break at the University of Virginia, and the academic calendar trumps all else in Charlottesville.

Yet, I found it all four services to be a cathartic experience, more so foe me in the past. Perhaps it was because I am more aware of the pain a number of people are feeling both in our congregation and elsewhere. Perhaps it is because of my own need to slow down, take stock, turn back to basics, and experience the Holy right in front of me.

I would like to mention once again the gift from members of St. Paul's in the writing of reflections for each day of Lent. You can read a new reflection for each day by clicking the purple cross on the left of this page, or by clicking HERE.

May you have a good and holy Lent.


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