Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An urgent appeal for help in Haiti

No doubt by now you have heard about the devastating earthquake in Haiti, where it is estimated that as many as 100,000 people are dead. The human scale of this tragedy is truly mind boggling.

The Episcopal Church has a very large presence in Haiti, which is numerically the largest diocese of the Episcopal Church, with dozens of churches and schools.

We have heard sketchy reports that the cathedral in Haiti was destroyed, along with many churches and schools; the bishop's wife is injured; the Roman Catholic bishop apparently was killed. A number of Episcopal Church workers are reported missing.

Episcopal Relief and Development is responding to the disaster, and has issued an urgent appeal for for funds. Our relief agency is well-positioned in Haiti to offer immediate help.

I would ask that you give what you can. You can do so by clicking HERE. And please keep the people of Haiti in your prayers.


Emily Guffey said...

A dear friend from college is an AP reporter in Haiti. THANK GOD he has been filing stories today, so we know he is (relatively) all right. Despite his skillful writing, I cannot even imagine what it is like down there. How incredibly horrible.

Cvllelaw said...

I read on another blog that the Episcopal Cathedral in Port au Prince was destroyed, and that virtually all of the churches are in ruins as well. The Episcopal Church in Haiti is already under great stress -- it has nearly 180,000 parishioners in 98 congregations, missions, and preaching stations. According to a Wikipedia reference, there are fewer than 30 priests serving the diocese.

In related news, Pat Robertson told CBS News yesterday that the earthquake was a response to the deal that Haiti made with the devil to get rid of French domination in the early 1800's.