Monday, November 23, 2009

A change to Fiat Lux, with apologies

Sorry to interrupt your Monday Funnies but I need to explain a necessary change to this blog. Lately I've had a flurry of spam comments left underneath various postings on this site. I have deleted all of them. But I am now adding the setting that all comments must be approved by me before posting. I see no other alternative. It is a sad fact of our internet life that as this blog has risen in popularity it is also now a target for spammers.

And I would again implore you, dear readers, to post your comments using your real name. I will not respond to anonymous comments but welcome honest engagement in open dialogue.

Let me return you to your Monday Funnies...

1 comment:

Velky Al said...

I use the name "Velky Al" because that was the nickname I picked up living in Prague for ten years. In Czech it means "Big Al" and at 6'4" I guess it is fairly apt.