Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Order of the Holy Cross - Prayers on their day

Today is the feast day of James Otis Sargent Huntington (1854-1935), the founder of the Order of the Holy Cross. The Order began as a mission to the poorest of the poor on the Lower East Side of New York. At one point Huntington labored alone, mostly among immigrants.

The Order eventually attracted vocational monks, and established a monastery in West Park, New York, and two more houses on the West Coast. One of the brothers was my father's caregiver in my dad's last year of suffering with Alzheimer's Disease. Today is a bitter sweet feast day for the brothers. As you recall, their house in Santa Barbara burned down two weeks ago in the wildfires. Again, you can help by keeping the brothers in your prayers and giving generously:

Mount Calvary Retreat House
P.O Box 1296
Santa Barbara, California 93102

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