Monday, November 24, 2008

Advent Conspiracy

Associate Rector Janet Legro preached a great sermon on Sunday about how we will be held accountable by our maker not for the quality of our beliefs but for the quality of our welcome. Our welcome begins with those who walk through our door, and our welcome is made tangible by how we give to those who have so little in the world beyond our door.

This Advent I'd like us to enter into a time of radical welcome. Please watch this video below. It is so worth your time. And after you do, think about how we can do this. We can do this as individuals and as a church. After you watch the video, please click Advent Conspiracy to learn what we can do. Yes we can.

Here is the video.


Peter Carey said...


Great stuff - related to that great sermon...

Why do we need to create false dichotomies between what we do and what we believe?

Isn't it the liberal fallacy to get into the "doing" justice - and the conservative fallacy to just get into the "believing" piece? Isn't it a gift of the Anglican Tradition that we have both a wide and generous Orthodoxy and a wide and generous Orthopraxy?

It seems to me that focusing solely on "right belief" can lead to an inwardly-focussed, individualized "faith" ...(perhaps this is the pole that your assistant rector was reacting to), but also that focussing on "right action" can get into a type of works-righteousness and social action without a focus on the Godliness of our lives...

Anyway, those are just a few thoughts on a chilly morning!

I enjoy your blog! Great stuff you are doing!

(and thanks for the shout-out the other day)

Peter Carey+

Keep Your Fork, There's Pie said...

WOW, that was incredible! Thanks for sharing this. (I sent it to everyone I know.)

Pam said...

Jim, I agree was a moving sermon. And as I sat, warm and comfortable at St. Paul's, I could think of nothing other than the person sleeping under our boxwoods. I saw his feet as I passed by the window on my way to the pew. We must make our welcome radical!!