Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thanks to all for a great weekend!

Thanks to all for such an amazing weekend! The celebration on Sunday was wonderful, and the welcome from St. Paul's folks just keeps coming. Thanks for all the hard work, the prayers, the flowers, and the warmth from everyone we have met. You are helping us to begin to feel at home.

We had many friends and family from "away" (and a few are still here), and they were much taken by Charlottesville and the warmth of St. Paul's. And now I feel truly an institution, not because of the bishop, but from the youth group's paint job on the Beta Bridge (no, Californians, that is not Bay-to-Breakers, it is the Beta Bridge, a C'ville thing). Here's a photo from Jane Rotch.

Monday we unpacked boxes, with the Browns pitching in (doing most of the work), and we spent a little more time with visiting family. The family flight out of C'ville didn't happen, so they spent an extra night. Today it is back to work. And the blog will be back in action with various new items soon.


Peter Carey said...
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Peter Carey said...

What a wonderful and JOYFILLED service! I was so glad to be there!

Peace and blessings on this new chapter in St. Paul's long and great story!

Peter Carey+

I blogged about it a bit here: