Thursday, September 11, 2008

Moving day is here

The Bekins moving van has invaded 12th Street, and the loading is underway. We've filled trash cans to the brim, and our neighbor's trash cans up, too. Mike and Lee are our movers, and they will see us at the other end of the country in about 10 days (after they make stops in San Jose and Fresno to pick up more households destined for the East Coast). This is a bitter-sweet day for us. We've lived in this house 18 years. Ohmygosh, do you know how much STUFF accumulates in 18 years?? As long as everything goes as planned, we will hit the road tomorrow. Onward we plunge...

3 comments: said...

Jim and Lori-

Archaic as is sounds, it feels right to send you Godspeed as you head east over THE mountains towards Virginia. May your visits along the way be nourishing and the weather and the road safe and predictable, and all the boxes arrive intact.

Be well,

Kim said...

You baptised me at Trinity, answered questions about faith and Christianity for me in ways nobody had. Thank you. While I'm sure I don't live up to my full potential as a Christian, I am working on changing that - for myself and for my children.
Godo luck, and many blessings in Virginia.

Vickie said...

Dear Jim and Lori,

Worship led by David, Janet, and Neal went very well today, including the children's procession and blessing, and followed by 4 separate meetings, as well as the Activities Fair. But..we missed you!

Bon voyage,