Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 4 - Oz

OVERLAND PARK, Kansas - We drove across Kansas. And drove and drove and drove. 

It took us 12.5 hours to make it from Denver to Overland Park, which is a suburb of Kansas City. We left Denver before dawn (see photo of the dawn overlooking Denver from our friends' mountainside). The hardest driving of the day was making it through commuter traffic to escape the sprawl of Denver. A few hours later and we were crossing Kansas.

They love museums in Kansas, and every town along I-70 tempts the traveler with a museum or "hall of fame." The museums included the National Agricultural Center and Hall of Fame; the Barbed Wire Museum; the Fick Fossil Museum; the Combat Air Museum; the U.S. Cavalry Museum; and of course, The Oz Museum. I was tempted by Oz, but by the time we got to exit 328 in Wamego, it was closed.

The signs along the way are worth spotting, everything from "Jesus is Real!" to "Brown vs. Board of Ed Historic Site." Here's the most puzzling official sign of the day, from the Kansas Dept. of Transportation, and found in numerous places: "Prepass Follow in-cab signals." Any ideas what that means?

See you soon...

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Pam said...

Hi Lori and Jim, your blog entries reawaken my memories of several cross country car trips. It was such fun to feel the differences of one area from another and to discover real surprises along the way...who knew there was such beauty in the Ozarks...not me!! Such a different experience from traveling from one airport to another with little appreciation for what lies between point A and point B. You make me long for another car trip. Have fun, travel safely and see you soon!! Pam