Monday, August 30, 2010

University President Teresa Sullivan calls St. Paul's: "Beacon of Hope."

We had a huge Sunday at St. Paul's, celebrating our "Welcome Back" Convocation for the University of Virginia Community. More than 500 people filled our pews, many in academic regalia.

We were honored to have as our guest preacher Dr. Teresa Sullivan, the president of the University. She eloquently implored us to create a caring community, and she talked candidly about the challenges facing the University of Virginia community in the aftermath of the killing of undergraduate Yeardley Love last spring.

We will post her sermon later this week when we get a copy.

President Sullivan also took questions at forum following the 10 am service. She was asked a variety of questions ranging from how to dampen student drinking to the morale of staff members at the University. She also mentioned that St. Paul's is a "beacon of hope" to the community and world at large.

Here are a few photos from today, taken by Bonny Bronson. For a link to coverage by Channel 29, click HERE. For a link to the story by the Charlottesville Daily Progress, click HERE.

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Anonymous said...

I admire st pauls church and much of what you do, including your music but if dr. sullivan calls st pauls a beacon of hope should she not say the same for beth israel among other religious institutions in the community...there are uva students and faculty in many churches, synagogues , tibetan centers etc. all best, anomymous