Monday, August 16, 2010

The Monday Funnies

Friends, it is Monday again, and it is still definitely the dog days of summer. But no matter how long your week may seem now, or whether it is headed for the dogs, it can only be helped by a few jokes. Here are a few howlers from our friend Pat Hill to get you started. Enjoy your Monday. . .
* * *
Our church organist was a grand old lady, but every Sunday she allowed her two dogs to accompany her to church. The congregation did not mind the dogs, but they were upset when the two dogs would howl through every high note from the organ.

Finally the congregation asked the minister to insist the organist leave her dogs at home. “Give me one week,” said the minister, “and then I'll tell you what I have decided to do.”

On the following Sunday the minister announced his decision. Fearing that the organist would leave if her dogs couldn't come to church, and that would have a devastating effect on the worship services, he said, “Friends, I have decided that it is better the dogs come to church than the church go to the dogs!”

* * *

A very anxious mother goes to see her priest for advice: “My little Johnny has taken off for Los Angeles. He got a job for $400 a month. But, tell me Father, do you think he can lead a Christian life in that city of
evil and perdition?”

“My dear lady,” says the priest, “on such a salary, I don't see how he can do otherwise.”

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