Friday, February 5, 2010

Worship this Sunday: Come if you can walk, otherwise stay home, stay warm, stay safe

The snow is already heavy and predicted to get heavier today and tomorrow, much like our 4 Advent storm. So, please, hunker down, stay warm, stay safe.

We will have our 8 am and 10 am worship on Sunday, but in simple form. Please come if you can get there safely, but only if you can get there safely. I was planning to take Sunday off anyway, and Lori and I are already snowed-in. So we will not be there.

Pastor Neal will preside Sunday -- he lives within walking distance. Those who can get there will pray for the rest of us. Everything we planned for Sunday, including Ginger Greene's talk on her experience in the Peace Corps in South Africa, will be rescheduled. Stay warm, stay safe!


P.S. Tune into this blog tomorrow (Saturday) for a gallery of magnificent photographs by Bonny Bronson taken last Sunday during the visit of Presiding Bishop Katharine.


ckw said...

so no 5:30 service?

Jim Richardson said...

Yes, Neal will lead a 5.30 pm service.

ckw said...

cool, thanks