Sunday, December 20, 2009

We are snowed-in, but St. Paul's goes on

We have had quite the snow storm, and Lori and I have been snow-bound in our house since Friday. The electricity has been off, along with the internet. We were unable to get to St. Paul's this morning, hence the sermon on the blog you see below was not, in fact, delivered (I timed the posting for it to appear before the storm hit). We just got power back a few minutes ago, but our road is still closed.

I am very pleased to tell you that a few hardy souls were able to make it into St. Paul's this morning, and were led in Morning Prayer by Erin Nourse, who lives at Canterbury House across the street. Although most of the congregation could not make it to St. Paul's, those who got there prayed for the rest of us. The Fourth Sunday of Advent was celebrated on our behalf, thanks be to God. And thanks to Erin and those who were there!

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Janice Dean said...

We spent the day along with our neighbors shoveling our cul-de-sac because we're on the city's do-not-plow list. Check out my photos on facebook. It was an incredible group effort, and the neighborhood community building was certainly worth not being able to make it the few miles to church. I hope you & Lori didn't freeze and that you have enough provisions to get you thru till the snow melts or is cleared!