Saturday, December 5, 2009

Anti-gay proposed law in Uganda would be a violation of human rights

You may not be aware that Uganda is considering passage of a law that would severely punish homosexuals and anyone who assists homosexuals, presumably including health care workers.

A handful of African church leaders are bravely beginning to speak out against the proposed law. The Rev. Canon Gideon Byamugisha (in photo) of the Anglican Church of Uganda, in an interview published Friday, called the proposal little short of state-sponsored genocide.
"I realise that if I am happy to speak out against discrimination and stigma in relation to HIV, then I should also be happy to speak out against paralysing homophobia, sexism, tribalism, Puritanism, fundamentalism and against anything else that reduces and diminishes our love, care and support for each other as we travel the road of faith and belief."
You can read the full story published Friday in the U.K. Guardian on Canon Byamugisha's statement by clicking HERE.

The leaders of the Episcopal Church have begun speaking out against this, and urging that the Anglican Church in Uganda to officially take a stand against this draconian proposed law. Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori made a statement on this Friday and you can read her words by clicking HERE.

Meanwhile, the Archbishop of Canterbury has been oddly silent, though he has been vocal on other issues like global warming.

There is something you can do.

Our friends at Integrity pass along a link to an on-line petition urging a stance against the anti-gay proposed law. You can sign the petition by clicking HERE. I have signed it and I hope you will too. This is about protecting a basic human right to life, and I hope whatever our disagreements may be about issues like gay marriage we can at least agree on this one.


Susan said...

Jim, thank you for this. I signed.

Paula said...

I signed as well, thank you for the link, I hope it helps in some way.

Keep Your Fork, There's Pie said...

Signed! (and posted to my FB account!)

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