Thursday, September 10, 2009

Roadside shrines: Find them where you live and work

A friend of mine who lives in Southern California, and who regularly reads this blog, mentioned to me last night that this space reminds her of a roadside shrine, a place to pause for a few moments on the roadway of life for a bit of reflection and a touch of the Spirit.

I rather like that, though I am not sure this blog always lives up to that ideal. Maybe there is a little too much politics, a little too much church stuff here to be completely a shrine. But I like that idea of a shrine, and I hope it can be that now and then for you.

We live on a rural mountain road in Virginia, but I have not seen any roadside shrines upon it in our walks along the road. There are many trees along our road, and the trees are a living shrine to me. The deer meander through them, and the variety of birds seems endless. The tops of the trees seem always shaking with wildlife. The rocks and boulders along the road are covered with lichen, and they are something of a shrine to the tenacity of life.

The other day, our house guest, Anthony Ramirez, took a few photos along our country road. Today I share one I particularly like.

I hope you find a roadside shrine in your travels today, whether on a country road, or on the freeway during your commute, or in your home, or at school, or at your desk. May you find that place where you can pause, maybe say a little prayer, and take a few moments to hear yourself breathe -- a few moments of sabbath -- before the rush of business intrudes. May you enjoy your respite and a few moments at the shrine of the Holy.

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