Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Follow-up: Windsor Listening Process in the Diocese of Virginia

This is a week heavy with church affairs on this blog. I promise it will ease up and we will have a poem or two later in the week. For now, a few more developments:

You may recall that earlier this year, St. Paul's was invited to participate in a diocesan pilot program for "listening" related to the Anglican Windsor report related to the conflicts over sexuality issues. A team of four St. Paul's Memorial Church parishioners was paired with a team of four from St. John the Baptist, Ivy. They met for weeks to share their stories and talk through the issues facing our church. A total of twelve churches -- six pairings -- participated in the pilot project in the diocese.

The Diocese of Virginia last week posted on its website a report summarizing the work of all of the participants in the pilot project. You can read the report by clicking HERE.

I would also suggest you read the report from our St. Paul's team; it goes into greater detail and nuance without violating any confidences. I posted that report on this blog May 6, and you can access it by clicking HERE.

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