Monday, September 28, 2009

The Monday Funnies: But did he text too?

As newcomers to this corner of the country, oozing with American history, we continue to make many surprising discoveries. Today, after much research and study, I can reveal to you a major historical discovery.

As you know, Charlottesville is the home of Thomas Jefferson. He built Monticello up on a hillside overlooking our town, and he is the founder and architect of the University of Virginia. Jefferson was also known as an inventor and tinkerer; he built writing devices and clocks, and all manner of gadgets.

But I'll bet you didn't know this fact: Thomas Jefferson invented the cell phone.

That's right, my friends, the cellular mobile telephone. You don't believe me? Go to the lobby of the University Virginia Medical Center, look near the reception desk and there you will find a bust of Mr. Jefferson. Now, look closely. Notice something?

He is talking on his cell phone, probably with Benjamin Franklin.

Historians are still trying to unearth whether the first draft of the Declaration of Independence was done by texting.

Enjoy your Monday.

Photo by Anthony Ramirez.


Janice Dean said...

It looks like he's holding the mic away from his mouth so he can talk to the man standing in front of him (John Adams?) while Ben is still jabbering away. Haha! Please thank Anthony for taking and sharing this photo.

Emily said...
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Emily Guffey said...

I noticed that when I was there the other day, too! Very funny.