Friday, July 10, 2009

Respectful debate on gay ordinations underway

There is a very respectful debate going on as I write this on the floor of the House of Deputies over whether to repeal B033, the resolution approved three years ago that mandated a moratorium on any further ordinations of bishops who are openly gay. 

Thirty deputies were chosen by lot to speak today, and I've listened as we've been packing for our Shrine Mont weekend. Everyone appears to be listening in silence; no applause. 

In talking on the phone a few minutes ago with Paul Brockman, who is there as an alternate, he said it is less a debate and more "statements of opinion."

Those speaking are speaking slowly and respectfully. Some have pointed out that homosexuality is not accepted by most of the Christian world and thus our actions tear at the fabric of the body of Christ. Others have pointed out that we need to be serious when we say "The Episcopal Church Welcomes You." You will be able to read a full account later at Episcopal Life on-line by clicking HERE.

We are headed to Shrine Mont for our parish retreat weekend, and much looking forward to connecting with people. There will be plenty of time next week to catch up on General Convention, so this may be the last entry until Sunday. The vote will be taken possibly tomorrow or next week. Whatever the House does must also be approved by the House of Bishops for there to be any change. And the weekend tends to be light at General Convention (you can expect that Disneyland will be brimming with Episcopalians tomorrow). 

Until we are back on line, blessings to all...

Jim & Lori

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