Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Funnies: General Convention

General Convention is done, not to return for another three years, and so we bring you back to our regular feature in this space: The Monday Funnies.

The convention was not without its zanier moments, as when a group of bishops used Mickey Mouse hands when indicating their votes. Sorry, no photo of that one.

At the House of Deputies, each state deputation sat at tables marked with signs signifying its diocese. By the end of convention most, if not all, of the signs were decorated.

The Diocese of Olympia (Seattle) had a toy Space Needle atop the sign; Nebraska, a foam rubber corn husk; East Tennessee, a Davy Crockett hat; Northern California, plastic wine grapes; Main, red moose antlers. It seemed most of the decor had been purchased at Disneyland which happened to be a block from the convention center.

Everyone in the galleries kept a particular eye on the Oklahoma sign. That deputation would rotate putting one or more of the seven dwarfs on their sign, depending on the mood of convention at the particular moment. When the debates were testy, up went Grumpy. When the debate turned tedious, or inane, up went Dopey. And so on.

The Diocese of Virginia sign was decorated with a piglet. Don't ask me to explain.

Here's a few photos of the decor on the signs.

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