Friday, July 24, 2009

On the mountain: Sewanee

SEWANEE, Tennessee -- We've made it through our first full day of "mentor" training for Education for Ministry (please see yesterday's blog entry for explanation of EfM). 

There are three groups training at once, and Lori and I are in different groups. The training begins early in the morning and ends at 9 pm. One more day to go after today, though we should get done after lunch Saturday and then we will head back to Charlottesville.

For those who have not been here before, the University of the South (Sewanee) sits on a mountain top in a lovely village. The university was built in the 19th century to look like Oxford and Cambridge, and the professors and honors students still wear black academic gowns to class. (Bishop Shannon Johnston graduate).

Sewanee is also an Episcopal seminary, and the staff of EfM is in a small building behind the School of Theology. It is worth seeing if you can make the trek.


Anonymous said...

You are correct about the beauty of Sewanee. I have visited there with my cousin, Norma Mills. She was very active with the Sewanee community. She and her husband both have had an interest in the seminary.

Peter Carey said...

FYI...+Shannon went to Sewanee as an undergraduate, Seabury Western for Seminary...

Welcome back!


The Rev. James Richardson said...

Pete -- Thanks for the clarification. I've so fixed the entry.