Thursday, June 26, 2008

Smokin' wedding

Today Lori and I head up the hill (Ok, the hill here is a 7,000 foot mountain) to the wedding of David Link and Joanne. David is the music director at Trinity Cathedral and a fanatical hiker. Brian Baker, dean of the cathedral, will preside at the wedding beside a mountain lake in the Desolation Wilderness. To get there everyone must go on a big hike. The wedding invitation said that those who don't wear hiking clothes "will be ridiculed."

First, though, we have to get out of the Central Valley. We are enveloped in a blanket of smoke from 700 wildfires. The wind came up yesterday but it only seemed to make the smoke swirl around. The governor said we should forego fireworks this year but it seems a little late for that admonition.

Time for a splendid wedding!

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