Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The church and gay marriage: Differing views

The Rt. Rev. John Chane, the Bishop of Washington DC, writes about Lambeth, gay marriage and the history of Christian marriage in Thursday's U.K. Guardian, and his piece is worth reading (click here to read)). Here in California gay marriage became legal earlier this week, and there was much celebration at All Souls Parish where former Rector Andrew Walmisley married his partner of many years, Jonathan Allen.  On Tuesday, I attended a gay marriage in Sacramento of longtime friend and lobbyist Dennis Mangers, and the wedding was presided over by state Sen. Shiela Kuehl and attended by many statewide elected officials.  Yet not everyone at All Souls or in California welcomes this development. Can we find room for differing opinions and still come to the same table to share in the bread and wine? 

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