Thursday, June 19, 2008

Getting started

Welcome to my blog!
I am just getting started.
This blog will be focused on life and my work as the Rector of St. Paul's Memorial Church, Charlottesville, VA. 
Only I am not there yet. Right now I am still in California.
Lori and I will be making the trek East of Reno this summer. We will keep you posted on the progress of our journey, and we welcome your prayers, thoughts, wisdom and advice on this blog. And a joke or two would help too!
I will post here from time to time items I find of interest, either in the church world or in the world at large, and I invite your conversation. Yes, this is no substitute for talking over a glass of your favorite beverage, so consider this to be a conversation starter.


Bruce said...


This is a wonderful, bright space and I hope to visit it often. Here's a fitting poem to start:

Poem of the Moment
Light Sun comes in where it can, secure in its welcome. The moon, too, trails through the house. And if the sun or moon is not available, we find comfort in the incandescence of lamps. We take advantage of every bright source to place our paintings and art, our photos of loved ones. Houseplants collaborate for light from a single window. We are never without it even on nights of no moon. When the wind has blown electricity into the next county, we reach for flashlight or candle, praise the domestication of fire. In the presence of light, whatever the source, we do not feel alone. There are times when we forget we can see in shadow and times the heart's darkness forgets the sun is waiting to get in. But even the blind know that light brings warmth. A cold rock resting in a ribcage will find heat and beat again.

by Judi K. Beach from "How Far Light Must Travel".


William said...


Those of us on the far side of Reno, wondering why summer always goes by so quickly, will be following your trip even while we and pray and quietly anticipate you and Lori's arrival.

This blog will record not only your adventure, but the journey all of us are embarked on. I know I speak for many here in Virginia when I say that we cannot wait to begin.


Peter Carey said...

Welcome to the blogging world! Peace to you. I am excited to have you join "The Diocese" soon.

Peter Carey+

Pam said...

Jim, c'mon to Cville...we are so ready to say hello to you and Lori! It is time to get this next adventure started!! Pam

William said...

Jim and Lori,

I can't help it:

"You say goodbye, and I say hello."

Hope your Monday goes better than that cliche posing as a Beatles song or at least a Target ad.


P. Wortner said...

Hi Jim,

Hope you are having a safe trip to Virignia. This is a neat way to keep in touch. Thank you for sharing. I hope lots of others from All Souls will find you here, too.

Fr. Andrew was in church this morning. He will be here next week, but I will be in Mt. Shasta visiting my mom in the nursing home and my sister.

Take care and keep in touch.