Monday, March 5, 2012

The Monday Funnies

We are not quite halfway through Lent -- we have a distance to go. But it is time to lighten up.

Here are a few jokes from Pat Hill in the Jokester Department and a cartoon with no resemblance to me. Enjoy your Monday . . .
+ + +

Two deliverymen were taking a large refrigerator to a local priest's home. With difficulty they had managed to get the fridge onto the porch, but struggled for over 20 minutes to make the 90 degree turn through the narrow door.

The priest, seeing their difficulty, asked what they usually did when confronted with such a situation.

Rubbing some badly skinned knuckles, one deliveryman replied, "Well, Father, at this point we usually start cursing."

"Well, gentlemen," the priest replied, "allow me time to move out of earshot so you can continue your work."

+ + +

After Sunday service a young couple talked to the pastor about joining the church.

He hadn't met the husband before, so he asked what church he was transferring from.

The husband looked down at his feet and replied, "I am transferring from the Municipal Golf Course."

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