Monday, April 11, 2011

The Monday Funnies

We soon come to the end of Lent, and we get one more opportunity to poke a little fun at it. Or at least that is the theory of cartoonist Stephan Pastis, at right.

And you may have noticed that Holy Week and Passover are in the same week this year, a truly wonderful coincidence. In the early church, there was a faction that believed Easter should always come at the end of Passover, but that's for a more serious posting another day.

Anyway, the calendar juxtaposition was noted by my friend Ilana DeBare on her blog, Midlife Bat Mitzvah, and she sent along her Passover blessings and the photoshop travesty below, noting that the Last Supper of Jesus was, in fact, a Passover meal.

And below the illustration is an (in)appropriate joke from joke staff writer Pat Hill. Enjoy the Monday Funnies this week, for we won't have the funnies in Holy Week.

+ + +

A Jewish gentleman stood before a delicatessen display counter and pointed to a tray. "I'll have a pound of that salmon," he said.

"That's not salmon," the clerk said. "It's ham."

"Mister, in case nobody ever told you," said the Jewish gentleman, "you got a big mouth!"

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