Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The analogue Church in the digital age

Beginning tomorrow, the Episcopal Communicators hold their annual conference in Memphis (among my favorite cities). The Episcopal Communicators is an association of church professionals who are responsible for getting our message into the world and, we hope, the message of the world back into our churches.

The message coming back is digital, but we are listening in analogue.

The conference should raise a question: Aren't all of us supposed to be "Episcopal communicators"? Shouldn't all of us in the Church be figuring out how to communicate in this digital world? Isn't that what mission should be about in the 21st century? The video below was posted by my friend Dan Edwards, the bishop of Nevada, on his Facebook page. It is worth five minutes of your time and a lot more than that in conversation:

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Will said...

It has been all downhill since that fellow Gutenberg.