Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Christmas story through the eyes of children

Here is a bonus for your week, the Christmas story as told by the children of St. Paul's Church, Auckland, New Zealand. This is worth a few minutes of your time. Enjoy!


shadowlands said...

As I watched this video, I wondered if God always sees us as little children. Maybe when the Father, out of love for us, sent His only son, it was because he saw us in this way? Children gone astray, yet still children. I was thinking about Matt 18:3, where he says that only the childlike can enter the Kingdom.

I know a lot about being child 'ish' but I am not terribly good at being childlike.

Still, I must build on my hope this Christmas, I have a lot of work needs doing inwardly, I know.

Thank you for this beautiful little insight, given by the children.

The Rev. James Richardson said...

Dear Shadowlands,
Thank you for your comments this week and your many insights and prayerful presence. May you have a blessed Christmas and grace-filled year to come.

Karen Mawyer said...

Thank you for sharing this delightful piece, and all of your inspiring Advent pieces this month. I will send this link to my son, who has just returned from a trip to New Zealand. I know he and our grandson will both enjoy. So many times when I read your blog, I wind up sending the Fiat Lux link to family and friends, so they can enjoy as well. And I have this urge to hit "like" or "share," but that's Facebook... Thanks again for sharing.