Friday, July 16, 2010

More photos from Shrine Mont

Here are a few more photos from our Shrine Mont weekend, taken by photographer-extraordinaire Dudley Rochester (see his photos earlier this week on the progress constructing the meditation garden).

The first photo shows Jane Rotch and the Duduza dolls she and several folks have been making for the children of Haiti. They've made dozens and dozens, and made many more during the Shrine Mont parish weekend.

The next shows Tony Potter (standing) and Simeon Fitch, gabbing on the front porch in the main building. They are no doubt trading insider secrets about techno-stuff.

Then we have John Frazee, who did hours-and-hours of techno-stuff at Shrine Mont, producing the really cool "baseball cards" of St. Paul's people. Look for the cards hanging in the Parish Hall this weekend.

Finally, at the bottom, we have a photo of Albrecht von Guadecker, our assistant music director and organist, and his wonderful wife Jane. Who knew that Albrecht could play the accordion?


Janice Dean said...

Great photos, Dudley!

And here's my official request that Albrecht play accordion for us at church one Sunday. I love the accordion!

MetaSim said...

Ditto on the accordion! I couldn't help but grin every time I saw Albrecht with it!