Monday, June 28, 2010

Meditation Garden groundbreaking

Sunday marked the ground breaking of our meditation garden at St. Paul's. The garden has been long in planning, and the funds for it were raised several years ago as a farewell gift in honor of The Rev. David Poist, my predecessor as Rector of St. Paul's.

Unfortunately, I was on the wrong coast Sunday, and the bulldozers are ready to move. So Associate Rector Ann Willms led the ground break ceremony, and David Poist took the first shovel-full of dirt. Here are a couple of photos taken by Diane Wakat.

We expect construction of the garden to take most of the summer, and we will have a great dedication ceremony in the fall when it is completed. Much thanks to Joan Albiston, Michael Wheelwright, Peter Dennison, Pat Punch and many others for their work in planning the garden and winning city approval.

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