Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Senate... one more time tonight!

Well, my prayer on Friday in the California Senate didn't take. They are still stuck in the mud with the biggest budget mess for any state in national history. I got a call last night asking me to come back tonight to open a rare Sunday evening floor session with a prayer (Senate Chaplain Rabbi Mona Alfi has wisely fled on her vacation). So back I go tonight. This better work. I am not phoning these in from Virginia. Here is a sneak preview of tonight's prayer, for the California Senate:
Holy and gracious God, we give thanks for the people of this state who have put their trust in this government and in the leaders in this chamber. Give to our lawmakers the strength to bear the burdens before them; instill within them the courage to make difficult choices; fill them with patience to work together especially when it is seems impossible; and grant them the heart to make decisions that are just and right for all those who dwell in this blessed land. AMEN

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