Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Spring and the Farmers Market is here

One of the delights of Charlottesville is the Farmers Market, just a block off the downtown mall. 

This morning Lori and I got up early with our shopping bags and cruised our way through the market. 

In my case, more like grazed. I especially enjoy the Salteñas de Mamá, a terrific Bolivian chicken pie wrapped in a napkin. The fresh bagels a few booths away were great too!

The market is not just about the arugula and tomato plants, of which there are many. It is also a social gathering.

We bumped into several members of St. Paul's. Lori Brannock has a jewelry booth (see photo) and Cyanne Williams was nearby selling all sorts of fun artistic notecards and other treasures. And see the photo of our friend Max. He found dandelions growing by the sidewalk.

It is a little early for most of the food to come in. But the boothes are full of daffodils, apples, lettuce, scallions, cheeses and various other local delicacies.


Cyane said...

find those chicken pies - don't forget to try the Babes in the Woods sausages, they raise the pigs themselves!! YUM (but they weren't there this week!) See you later (I'm picking up the chicken for the picnic tonight)!

Cyane said...

I also said thanks for the free advertisement! And I'll have to try the pies! It just didn't show the first part of my message!! :)