Friday, February 13, 2009

The Blues Brothers meet the Yule Log

I thought you might enjoy this photo sent by Jenny Gladding of myself and Charles Lancaster at the Yule Log hunt last month. Photo captions welcome.

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Peter Carey said...

Just totally awesome,

"And now, people... and now, people... When I woke up this mornin', I heard a distubin' sound. I said "When I woke up this mornin', I heard a disturbin' sound!" What I heard... was the jingle-janglin'... of a thousand lost souls! I'm talkin' 'bout the souls of mortal men and women, departed of a good life. Wait a minute! Those lost angry souls, roamin' unseen on the earth, seekin' to find life... they'll not find... Because it's too late! Tooooo late yeah! Too late for they'll never see again... the life they choose not to follow. Alright! Alright! Don't be lost when your time comes! For the day of the lord cometh... as a thief in the night!"