Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Webcasting sermons; talking Indaba

A couple of quick things. Thanks to Tony Potter, you can now hear webcasts of sermons at St. Paul's by clicking Sermon Page. An audio stream of sermons is posted there and we will keep doing that every week. The text of sermons is also posted on line there. Thanks Tony!

The other place I would like to take you is the Lambeth Reflections Document, which is the end product of the now concluded Lambeth conference (finishing just in time for the Olympics!). The document is a summary of the "Indaba" conversations amongst the bishops, and there is a great deal of conversation on the internet and elsewhere about it. Have a look at it and in the next few days let's have more conversation here or informally elsewhere.

Thanks to all! 


Anonymous said...

What a funny way to get your message across! So, you want people to actually "come" to church?...because it's not "about them"..."give generously without expecting something back?...and maybe there is some "confidentiality" in all this?
Now really....did you think this was going to be some kind of "easy job???"

The Rev. James Richardson said...

Ah, it is a spoof. Smile!

William said...


I would commend to everyone's attention Pelludim's top two posts here about Lambeth as among the most thoughtful and penetrating analyses I have read. The address is:


He says a third is on its way so watch for it.