Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Channel 29 segment on President Sullivan

I now have proof that someone is reading this blog -- Channel 29 news. Someone on their staff read my comments from yesterday about the dismissal of University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan. A news crew came to my house last night to interview me, and the old newsie that I am, I could not refuse. But I had to put on a black shirt and collar first. The segment made the 11 pm news.

There are still many questions that are unanswered, and the reporters tell me that those who can answer are making themselves scarce. I would urge them to show a level of transparency that is worthy of Mr. Jefferson's university.

You can see the segment from Channel 29 by clicking HERE:


Susan said...

Well done, Jim! You said what needs to be heard. Deacon Susan in California

Kay said...

Good interview Jim. Lloyd told me he had seen your interview on TV which I had not so I was glad you posted it here. I hope the public call for BOV explanation of differences with Dr. Sullivan will not go unheeded. I wrote Helen Dragas the same thing.