Friday, December 9, 2011

Interested in going to the Holy Land?

Petra, Jordan
If you have never been to the Holy Land, or maybe if you have and you'd like to experience it again, let me recommend a trip in May 2012 led by the Rev. Canon Mark Stanger, who led our trip to Jerusalem last August.

Mark will be starting this trip in Jordan, at the ruins of Petra (which we did not see), before crossing into Israel and going to Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Galilee. Mark is a skilled guide and knows the territory well. This will be the 15th tour Mark has led. We much enjoyed his company and guidance in our trip and I highly recommend him. Here is the information:

Join the Rev. Canon Mark Stanger for Come to Bethlehem and see: Holy Land Pilgrimage. For 12 days — May 13 through 25, 2012 — experience the biblical and cultural sites relating to the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, his ministry in Galilee, and his death and resurrection in Jerusalem. Led by the Rev. Canon Mark Stanger and a local Palestinian Christian licensed tour guide, Canon Iyad Qumri, this pilgrimage begins with a visit to the spectacular ancient Nabatean city of Petra in Jordan. Includes two nights in Jordan, three nights in Nazareth, and five nights in Jerusalem. Contact: the Rev. Canon Mark Stanger,, 415.749.6318


AnnaMarie Hoos said...

I am so grateful I went on one of the trips led by the Rev. Stanger. It completely transformed my relationship to the gospels, my experience of Holy Week, and my perceptions of the situation in Israel/Palestine. I cannot recommend this experience enough.

Stephen Southern said...

I couldn't agree more with AnnaMarie. I went with Rev. Stanger in 2010 and can honestly say that it was a life-changing experience. I enthusiastically recommend this pilgrimage.

jessica said...

I went with Mark in 2008. It was a compassionate and transformative experience for both me and my dear life partner, Richard. Both Mark and Iyad are knowledgeable about the area and its history. It was a great trip.