Friday, September 23, 2011

If you would rise from sleep: A poem for your day

For those of you who have followed Fiat Lux for awhile, you may have noticed that our dear friend Karen from Tennessee has been absent for awhile, and the poetry offerings here have been few and far between.

Karen puts her whole soul into picking out poetry for her friends. She's been off for awhile, tending to family and the like. I am very happy to report that Karen is back with us (sorry, kids, we've missed your mom) and she sent her first poem in many months yesterday. I pass it along to you. I think these words are a wonderful way for her to be back. Take your time . . .

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Sheba 's Hesitation
By Rumi
(translated by Coleman Barks)

Imagine that you are Sheba trying to decide
whether or not to go to Solomon.

You are haggling about how much to pay
for shoeing a donkey, when you could be seated
with one who is always in union with God,
who carries a beautiful garden inside himself.

You could be moving in a great circuit
without wings, nourished without eating,
sovereign without a throne.

No longer subject to fortune,
you could be luck itself,
if you would rise from sleep,
leave the market-arguing, and learn
that your own essence is your wealth.

Photo by NASA, Arches National Park, Utah.

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