Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ben Franklin's church today

Good morning, friends. I am back. I came across this video about Christ Church, Philadelphia, and it is very worth the 10 minutes it will take you to watch it. Warning: this is provocative on several levels. Our ideas of church and outreach might need to change. Enjoy:


Kathleen Lovett said...

All I can say is ..."Wow!". Bring it on.
Kathleen Lovett

Janice Dean said...

I love it! Let's take a parish road trip to Christ Church, Philadelphia! St. Paul's doesn't need to become Christ Church, Philadelphia, but why not recognize and utilize the communion we share with other thriving Episcopal churches? I promise I won't sing the songs from the musical "1776" all the way to Philly (just part of the way). :-D